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"Face to the sun, sweet one."  

My Grannie used to say that to me; aren't Grannies wonderful?  The answer is yes.

[photo credit: Troy Jarrell | G6M Productions]

Hi!  My name is Julie and the precious girl sitting beside me up there is my daughter, JB.  I am an Arkansas living, flawed yet forgiven and loved mama, friend, art maker, photo taker, word writer, deep feeler, heart-on-the-sleeve wearer, grace believer, watermelon Jolly Rancher lover, and seeker of all things sunshiney.  

I know what you may be thinking:  Julie it's great that you are that REALLY long list of things, but...don't you know how to spell?  It's not "sunshiney." It's sunshiny.  You drive me and Will Smith crazy with your misspelling, just like those people who spelled The Pursuit of Happyness wrong on their sign.  What's your deal anyway?

My deal is that I really like to make up words, and my favorite way to do that is to add a "y" on to the end of one.  That sauce is really tomato-y.  (Tah-mahto-y?) That movie role is really Will Smith-y.  (Hi, Will!  I am really a big fan!) Writing on this blog makes my heart feel really sunshine-y. You with me-y?  Ok, maybe I took it too far.  Maybe not.

I have been blogging in some way since 1998, before blogging was really a thing.  Heck, before the internet had a high speed connection.  I remember the days the computer was plugged into the wall jack and we waited for five minutes for dial up to occur.  All of you Millennials can feel free to call me Grandma.

I have always loved words and being creative.  As a matter of fact, in the fourth grade, I won a gifted and talented award for my use of the word "achoo-ing" in a fascinating poem about seasonal allergies.  (Please see above declaration of my affinity for making up words.)  My Daddy had a camera in his hand a lot when I was a child and I was always fascinated with the film developing process and how the different lenses attached to the camera.  I also remember frequently feeling a "need" to color, collage, paint, and paste things in my many journals.

After the birth of my daughter in 2003, I found myself wanting to be creative in ways I hadn't since childhood.  I began taking photographs of her, teaching myself how to use a camera in manual mode.  I also began drawing, painting, cardmaking and scrapbooking, and I fell in love with the creative outlets I had found. 

[photo credit: Troy Jarrell | G6M Productions]

This space is where I share thoughts on single mama life, my faith, arty goodness, my love for decorating my 1968 ranch house, and encouragement for awesome folks like you to seek the "sunshiney."  

Thanks for stopping by.  I love making new friends!  I hope your heart feels really sunshine-y today.

You are so loved,