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How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint

Hello, sunshiney friends!  Can you believe that it is already June?  My goodness, how time flies by! I had a super busy month of May with work and my daughter's end-of-the-school-year activities. I cannot believe that my baby will be a 5th grader next year. (sniff) I have big plans for the two of us to enjoy every last drop of summer vacation!

During my last giveaway, I asked about different things you all would like to see on the blog.  My friends offered up some really hilarious ideas, some of which I actually WILL blog about, and one reader got picked to win a custom canvas from me. The winner, Cathy, said she would like to know some more about chalk paint.  Although I have never personally painted anything with chalk paint, I know several people who have.  My best friend, Melanie, recently painted these items with home made chalk paint!

How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint | All Things Sunshiney
trunk into coffee table

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How To Make Your Own Chalk Paint | All Things Sunshiney

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Through a grueling interview process with yours truly, here is what Melanie has to say about her projects:

1:  State your name and qualifications for giving this tutorial.

My name is Melanie. I am one crafty girl who wishes to spread glitter and sunshine everywhere I go. I love to find unique pieces of furniture and refinish and sometimes re-purpose them to add to the cuteness on the planet.  I have been refinishing furniture for the better part of 20 years- beginning with the summer of my tenth grade year when I helped refinish a 9 piece antique dining set with my mother and aunt. Since then, I have refinished dressers, cabinets, bookcases, chairs and other eccentric home decor items.

Very impressive, ma'am.  We should be best friends.

2:  What supplies did you use?

My supplies for this project:

  • 1 vintage Army Corps trunk: it is approx 24w x 36l x 24h
  • 4 wooden fence post toppers for legs (I chose a rounded design)
  • 4 small blocks of wood approx 2"x 3" (scrap wood works)
  • 4 washer and bolt sets to fit your chosen legs
  • Wire brush
  • Small plastic bucket
  • Stir stick
  • Two paintbrushes
  • Sandpaper
  • 1/4+ cup un-sanded grout ( I used biscuit color)
  • Kilz
  • 1 quart of Better Homes and Gardens- Charcoal Sketch (satin finish)
  • 1 quart of Better Homes and Gardens Antique Lace (flat finish)

I appreciate your thoroughness.  Knowing me, I'd forget to mention the little details, like un-sanded grout.  It is a good thing that I am not giving this tutorial.

How To Make Your Own Chalk Paint | All Things Sunshiney

3.  Please share with us your step by step process, complete with dance offs, cupcake eating, and/or lipgloss application.

First off, I cajoled my mother dearest out of the vintage trunk she had hiding in the corner of her basement. We hauled it all cobwebb-y and gross to my car and put it in the backseat. When I got home my husband looked at me like he thought I'd lost my mind, but after I explained what I was doing with it he quickly changed his tune and helped me get it prepped for refinishing.

First, I took a wire brush and scrubbed the crazy out of the outside surfaces to remove any rust, dirt and just overall grossness.

Next, dear husband cleaned out the inside (the lining was torn and musty) and then drilled holes in the corners and installed the wooden legs we picked out at Lowes.

The following evening we hauled the trunk inside and put it on a plastic sheet and let it acclimate to the house temperature for a day or two- by this time it was the weekend and it was sunny again! YAY! Time to paint!|

First, I primed the outside of the trunk with a good coat of Kilz with a cheap paint brush and let it set for a day (Friday)... then threw that paintbrush away because I never can get Kilz out of the darn things (hence cheap). Then, Saturday- we (he) hauled it out on the back patio and, after some discussion, husband decided he wanted to do the undercoat of Charcoal Sketch. He put two coats of that paint on the trunk, drying well between each coat. I'm of course fluttering about giving instructions and standing around looking cute while he paints.

After everything dried, I mixed about half the quart of Antique Lace (white) paint and un-sanded grout in a small bucket. MIX WELL.  Using a dry paint brush, I began painting the trunk. This paint is thick, but it spreads well so just keep working it with the brush. Also this paint dries fairly quick so you need to work efficiently. Meaning don't stop and apply lipgloss or do anything equally girly during this process. Just get it done. 

Apply a second coat after about 20 minutes of drying time.

Allow to dry for at least an hour. Now you can go apply lipgloss....

Finally, after it's all dry and stuff... take your sandpaper (fine grit) and begin to sand off the high places. Down to the undercoat of gray. I just distressed the crazy out of my project because I like how it looked. The sanding part is all a matter of personal taste, so just keep going until you get the look you want.

Then we (he) moved it into my newly furnished living room and had a 30 second dance party because it was just so stinking cute. My husband was super impressed and also proud that he gets to claim partial credit for this project. Even though it was my brainchild and my sunburn... whatever. He did do some of the heavy lifting so I suppose I can share credit with him.

You make this sound so easy!  You did a wonderful job, girl.

How To Make Your Own Chalk Paint | All Things Sunshiney

4. Would you do anything differently? 


1. Take before pictures. Duh. 
2. Wear sunscreen. Double duh!! 
3. Still need to seal it with some kind of matte clear coat or wax.

We will get 'em next time, tiger.

How To Make Your Own Chalk Paint | All Things Sunshiney

5.  What are your feelings about bacon?

I love bacon.  I think it is one of the best inventions ever.

Melanie, it is official: you have won my heart.  Let's be best friends forever!  Oh yeah, we already are!   Thank you so much for sharing your chalk paint experience with us!

Cathy, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial about chalk paint!  Melanie, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful projects with us.  I look forward to harassing you again in the near future. 

Keep it sunshiney, friends!
Julie and Melanie

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