Sunday, April 28, 2013

Her Room Redo | The Bedroom

Hello sunshiney friends!  I've been meaning to share some of my house updates for quite some time and it just keeps getting pushed to the back burner.  There is no time like the present though, so let's dive right in, shall we?

I bought this little old house two years ago.  I love it.  It was built in 1968 and it is full of charm and character, but when I moved in it really needed some TLC.  Nothing major, the house has wonderful bones, but a lot of elbow grease and painting.  I still have A LOT to do to make it my 'dream' house, but I have done quite a few things over the past two years to freshen it up and make it more my own.

A fun project has been my daughter's room.  When we first moved in, her room was the first room I painted.  I wanted her to have a nice space of her own that wasn't full of boxes waiting to be unpacked.  Originally, the room was a blank white box and we painted it a pretty blue color to go with some bedding we found at Target.  It was good for the time, but now we are starting to really get serious about the decorating and re-doing of the house so we did a little room switcharoo.  My house has three bedrooms, with the third bedroom being the guest room/office.  My daughter and I both decided to switch those rooms and give her the other room.  The rooms are basically the same size, but because of the way a closet it set up in one room, moving her room would allow for better furniture placement if that makes sense. When she went to her Dad's for the weekend, I got busy moving furniture. What a workout!

The room that was the office/guest room was a green color from Sherwin Williams called "Brassy Gold" that I really have enjoyed, but I'm not going to be bringing it back in the redone house.  One thing I knew I wanted for her to have was a big chalkboard wall, so I decided to just free hand a funky frame and fill it with chalkboard paint.  Here is the beginning of that process:

Her Room Redo | The Bedroom | All Things Sunshiney

I liked the scallop edges and thought it would be girly and quirky, just like her.  I painted her walls a light blue to match some bedding that we got from Target a few months ago and a few hours later, this is what we had.

Her Room Redo | The Bedroom | All Things Sunshiney

Doesn't the blue make such a big difference?  I will post soon about the details and take some better photos.  I still have several projects to do in her room and I will document them as I get them done.  I have totally enjoyed throwing myself into redoing the house, especially on a budget.  

The best part?  When she got home from her Dad's, I didn't tell her that she had a surprise. About an hour after being home, she walked by that room and started jumping up and down and immediately drew all over the chalkboard wall.  It was completely precious!  Stay tuned for more updates! 

Have a sunshiney day, friends! 

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  1. just shows another thing you a very gifted at "decorating" i love it and thanks for sharing! you are precious and full of sunshine!