Sunday, August 5, 2012

make it: photo gallery

if you know me well (and possibly if you don't know me well), you know that i LOVE taking photos. i have my camera or my iphone with me at all times and i love capturing everyday memories. one big problem i have with that is this: i never actually print my photos and enjoy them in my house. today, i decided to take advantage of some the recent photos i've taken and a frame that has been hanging in my entryway with absolutely nothing in it. 

to begin, i picked several photos that i loved and printed them. 

these photos had been uploaded to my instagram account, which is how they got to be a square shape. i printed them at home easily. i simply unchecked the box that says "fit to document size" and they printed to their original shape, which is approximately a 4x4. i printed them on 4x6 photo paper. i have a feeling that this could be quite addicting! 

after arranging the photos into a pattern that i liked, i marked off the back of my frame.

this frame was 20 inches tall, and i marked off about every five inches. i used beading wire (beadalon brand), my staple gun, and some sharp scissors. knot the beading wire to the staples and if you need to, hammer them in so that they hold tightly. i chose beading wire because it is sturdy, but not distracting.

next, i had to figure out how to attach the photos to the wire. i didn't want to worry about the photos curling up (although, one way to fix this is to adhere them to cardstock or chipboard) and i didn't have any extra small clothes pins left. so...

i broke into my craft stash and found this cute decorative tape. i will most likely change my photos out periodically, so this seemed to be a good choice. also, i could run the tape along most of the width of the photo, hopefully to keep it from curling too much

the completed project

and a bit of a close up. excuse the blurry photo, i took the last two with my phone and it's not too bright in my entry way. 

i will definitely be printing more photos, and i'm so glad that i printed these out so that i can enjoy them every day. 

have a great sunday!