Monday, May 21, 2012

Advice for Living a Life | A Letter to Me from JB

I took my daughter to work with me a few days ago and while I was working, she happily played with all of my office supplies.  The next morning, I sat down at my desk and found this pinned on my bulletin board.

Advice for Living a Life | All Things Sunshiney

For weeks I have been feeling very blah, analyzing my life, and wondering what to make of it all.  I have criticized myself and set these expectations for myself that I can not possibly live up to which results in me inevitably feeling like a big disappointment.  Do any of you do this, too?  Basically I have been living underneath a cloud of an awful, terrible, no good, very bad day month year.  After another night of very little sleep and too much thinking,  I was exhausted.  When I got to the office and saw this, I busted up laughing.  And just like that, a baby girl schooled her mama. 

Lesson of the week? 

Julie needs to do these things:

  • be helpful
  • be creative
  • be imaginative
  • be silly
  • be happy
  • be hilarious
  • be hysterical
  • be awesome

Thanks, sweet girl. you really know how to give some good advice. 

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  1. love this - she is awesome and so are you my friend. Hugs - April