Thursday, August 25, 2011

all things crafty retreat: Save The Date!

all things crafty retreat: Save The Date!: * The 2012 "All Things Crafty" Retreat *

Hosted by: April Derrick & Julie Jones

Date: March 9th-11th, 2012

Place: Camp Mitch...

Friday, August 19, 2011

we have a lizard

after school today, jb found a lizard on our front porch. i saw it the other day and tried to show it to her, but it ran into the flower bed and underneath some mulch. i figured he just went on his merry little way, but i guess he has decided to take up residence on the porch now.

she sat on the porch for about 30 minutes trying to coax it into a cup, but it just sat there, frozen. then, he flitted away back into the flower bed and she was left looking for him.

after a few minutes of that, she got bored with it and wanted to come inside to watch iCarly. 
then, she decided that she wanted us to color. so, i sat beside her and drew a picture and colored it. she looked at me and said, " were just born to be arty." haha. she cracks me up. the funny thing, to me, is that she is truly the talented one. her creativity blows me away. here's my drawing.

and hers...

i love how seriously she gets into her art. adorable!
hope you all have a great weekend!