Saturday, December 3, 2011


i've been so busy with school and other stuff, i've been neglecting my poor little blog. i can't believe it is december already. i feel like i say that with each new month, but truly, this past year has flown by. jb and i put up all of our christmas decorations and it makes my heart so happy. we didn't get a chance to decorate for christmas last year because of the move. i bought a tree a few days before christmas, but didn't even put ornaments on it. this year, i was ready for decorating!

one thing that i started doing a few years ago with jb was wrapping up all of her christmas themed books and putting them under the christmas tree in a basket. each year, i buy one new book to add to the collection. every night, she can pick one book and unwrap it and we read it together before bedtime. she always likes trying to find her new book. she hasn't found this year's new book yet, but she's only opened two so far.

school is going well for me, but i am so ready for it to be finished! i have finals next week and i'll be done. this semester has been really time consuming for me. i have enjoyed going back to school, but i'm ready to start working on my master's degree. i already have my bachelor's and i've been going back for content courses more than anything...i'm not really "going for" anything specific. i have enough english hours to equal a minor in english, it's just not "technical". if that makes sense. :)

i've been painting again too. i bought a new moleskine journal and i'm going to try to paint in it several times a week. i would like to say every day, but i know that is not realistic for me. i have too much going on with work and school and mommying to have the time to just paint whenever. although, that would make me incredibly happy! here are a few paintings i've finished recently.

that's all i've got for today. :) i miss blogging and i really want to starting sharing my crafty things again. i hope you all have a great weekend!

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