Saturday, July 16, 2011

how one heals...

break open


remember to whom you belong

stay quiet

put on red boots and feel pretty

feather your nest

lean on your daddy

run it out


have some sweet tarts

let love melt you

realize the storm will end, you aren't the first or last person to hurt, and the sun will shine again

 be silly

make art

go out with your friends

paint some piggies


remember that you are beautiful and loved and you have a purpose

smile again

laugh until you can't breathe

strengthen your friendships

know that love surrounds you


I Will Try
by Mary Oliver

I will try.
I will step from the house to see what I see
and hear and I will praise it.
I did not come into this world to be comforted.
I came, like red bird, to sing.
But I'm not red bird, with his head-mop of flame
and the red triangle of his mouth
full of tongue and whistles,
but a woman whose love has vanished,
who thinks now, too much, of roots
and the dark places
where everything is simply holding on.
But this too, I believe, is a place
where God is keeping watch
until we rise, and step forth again and--
but wait. Be still. Listen!
Is it red bird? Or something
inside myself, singing?

(from Red Bird)

you breathe, you love, you keep your heart heal


  1. Beautiful post my dear..and so so true..glad you are healing :) Love you!