Friday, July 8, 2011

birthday weekend recap

i just celebrated my 34th birthday and i have to say, it was truly one of the BEST birthdays i've ever had.  several months ago, courtney emailed a group of us and said that new kids on the block/back street boys (NKOTBSB) were going to be in concert in june, did we want to go? the concert was on a sunday, the day before my birthday, and i thought, heck yes, I WANT TO GO! plus, i have always wanted to see NKOTB in concert. granted, i was 12 when i wanted to see them, but what's 20 years in the grand scheme of things, really?  we decided to just make a weekend trip out of it. it wasn't *really* a birthday celebration just for me, but since it coincided with my birthday, i kept calling it my birthday celebration weekend.

i loaded up my little car on friday and before i left, i found this on my garage floor:

(it's been a long time since i talked about hearts, but most of you who are my facebook friends know that i see them everywhere and why they are so significant to me. i am going to add a weekly 'heart' feature on here because i've been seeing them SO very much lately)

next, i headed over to melanie's house to pick her up:

(excuse the iphone pictures. melanie isn't this blurry in real life)

then we headed to russellville to pick up THE beautiful april:

(she's adorable, but while i was taking this she said, 'julie why exactly do you have your iphone RIGHT in my face?' all while smiling beautifully like this. she's very talented.)

then the three of us headed to dallas to invade angie's house. she is such a precious friend and i'm so thankful she let us stay with her for the weekend. it was a never ending slumber party!

(excuse the fabulous hair. we brought new meaning to 'texas hair'. it was SO windy and hot!)

we got to angie's house fairly late on friday night because we didn't leave until the afternoon and we went the long way so that we could pick up april - totally worth it, i would drive to the moon to get her if that were a possibility, and we stopped in texarkana to have dinner with courtney. i don't have a photo of this, but i think melanie does on her phone. you, dear reader, will have to use your imagination here. courtney, april, melanie and i are eating mexican food. (insert vivid photo) i'm sure you are all fascinated by this mental photo.

saturday morning, we got up and got ready for a day of shopping. it was entirely not enough time. i want to go back and spend a week just shopping. i will continue to dream this dream and maybe in 20 years i will get to experience it, like with the NKOTB concert. you never know, right? we all loaded up in my car:

and then we headed out to pick up brittani and justin. brittani is angie's oldest daughter and justin is her new husband. it was the first time i got to meet him. i completely approve. :)

we all went to downtown waxahachie and ate at the dove's nest for lunch and shopped at some antique stores and a really cool scrapbooking store. the dove's nest was an amazing shop with lots of vintage goodies and a restaurant. the food was AMAZING. if you ever visit there, go and have lunch. it really was so, so good.

in the shop, there was an entire wall of kelly rae roberts's artwork. if you know me at all, you know she is my absolute FAVORITE artist.

i was in heaven.

i bought three new, small canvases for myself as a birthday gift. i also bought three notebooks from another booth that had great sayings and artwork on the fronts of them. i  could never have too many notebooks. i'm always writing things down. one of them says "love your crazy, unbelievable, challenging, side-splitting, spontaneous, improbable, unpredicatable, exhasperating, big-hearted, absurd, delicious, abundant, inspiring, joyous, daring, jaw-dropping, beautiful life", another says "and there, floating and bobbing was every bit of her unsinkable spirit", and the last one says "grow the flowers that you love, sing the songs you've forgotten, climb your tree". love, love, love! the inside covers say they come from i'll have to check out the website.

it was a lovely downtown area with lots of antique stores and shops. i was so glad that angie took us there for a tour. the girls also conspired to get me a journal from the kelly rae roberts collection. they sent justin to the "bathroom" and surprised me with it on my birthday. i really have great friends. seriously.

after the downtown shopping extravaganza, we ventured into dallas to go to anthropologie and ikea. i wanted to buy myself some new coffee cups for my birthday. yes, coffee cups. anthropologie has the most beautiful patterns on their dishes. i chose four at random. i was a happy girl. next, we went to ikea. it was my first ikea shopping experience and i thoroughly enjoyed it. i bought several things and only spent $28. 67. amazing.

we had dinner at the cheesecake factory. it was SO good. i ordered this cocktail called the 'georgia peach' was delicious. very peachy and summertimey.

(i have no idea this look on my face. it's a mixture of surprise and tiredness. i'm a nerd.)

we went back to angie's house after this and waited for her other daughter, mandi and her boyfriend, corey, to get there.

(again, first time to meet the boyfriend and again, i completely approve!)

the next morning, we got up and hung out at angie's until it was time to get ready for the concert...the main event, if you will. our friend, stacy, had originally planned to come along but she had some other things come up and wasn't able to make it. :( sad face. she did send a book for us though, all about new kids on the block.

i immediately turned to the jordan page. i have always been a jordan girl. and joey too. honestly, i didn't care much about seeing the backstreet boys in concert. i was older when they were popular and at that time, i began to evolve my musical tastes and didn't really listen to "pop" music that much. but, new kids on the block? when i was eleven, i was ALL about them. i would come home after school every afternoon and turn it on MTV. that's when they actually played music videos, kids. imagine that. and i would do the dance moves to 'hangin' tough'. oh man, i had it bad for them. SO bad. let's take a trip down memory lane and watch a video, shall we?

oh jordan. that little smirky smile you have gets me. you are totally adorable.

we all got dressed and ready for the concert. almost like it was the prom or something and not a group of 30-something women going to a cheesy concert. no, we were living our pre-pubescent fantasies, people. we were on a mission.

(me and melanie. people ask us all the time if we are sisters. we are soul sisters, but not of any physical relation)

(me and april, my creative soul sister)

(me and courtney. she's my sarcastic soul sister who gets my obnoxious sense of humor...and takes it to another level)

(me and angie. my big sister soul sister. she is a blessing and i love this woman!)

(all of us outside. with the wind against us)

after photos, we all came inside to get our things and load up in the car. guess what? everyone has a ticket. EXCEPT ME! i never thought to ask about my ticket, i just assumed courtney was bringing them all when she came down to meet us. courtney apparently mailed me my ticket months ago! i never got it. somewhere in the world, there is a package addressed to me with a new kids on the block ticket and a mixed CD of cheesy music. i hope whoever you are, you are enjoying it. with minutes to spare, courtney calls ticketmaster and gets it all straightened out. all i could do was laugh. and take a shot. it was my birthday after all.

(go shorty, it's your birthday, we gonna party like it's your birthday, we gonna sip bacardi like it's your birthday...umm, yeah, anyway. angie made me some sort of buttery carmel concoction thingy. it was quite tasty)

so after the ticket scandal, we all piled into angie's car and she drove us to the concert. NKOTBSB, here we come...along with several thousand other teens and women. it was hilarious. at one point, melanie - my snarky at just the right time best friend - said, 'oh no, she's got a jordan shirt on...i think i'll claw her eyeballs out.' i peed my pants and then we parked. and we entered the arena...and all my eleven year old fantasies came true. there was screaming and crotch grabbing and shirts being ripped off. and that was just in my section! haha. i'm just kidding. mostly.

it was the cheesiest and most fun concert i have ever been to. it was truly hilarious and SO MUCH FUN at the same time, and honestly, it was well timed fun. i had a blast.

the next morning, my birthday, we loaded up the car and headed back home. i got all emotional and weepy (imagine that) on the way home thinking about how blessed i truly am. i have such wonderful friends. i have a beautiful daughter. i have a good life. i am blessed.

speaking of my beautiful daughter, she made me a necklace to wear for my weekend away, so that i would always think of her (like i couldn't do that anyway).

when i got back home, i picked her up and brought her home and snuggled and played with her for the rest of my birthday.

it was my favorite part.

hello, 34. i think you are going to be a fabulous year!


  1. It was a GREAT weekend! We must really do it again. Soon! I think you forgot a few things: midnight run to Walmart, "Turkey, Turkey, Turkey", (wish I could put sound on here) let me just say Tinker Bell, truth or dare, "Moves like Jagger" and "S&M", dancing in the car with the windows down, i am sure there are many more but that is all I can think of now. So glad that I got to be a part of this wonderful weekend. Love you so much!

  2. I think you look better then ever!! One of my girlfirends loves NKOTB and sees them all the time. I was like 11 or 12 when I loved them. A shot or two will do you good. (: Love,
    Katie and Happy Birthday.

  3. Wow! You had entirely way too much fun without me (insert sad pouting lip). Seriously, I am so glad you had an awesome birthday! I love you!!! xoxo