Friday, April 8, 2011

easy button tutorial

hi, friends!

i wanted to share a quick and easy project with you. i bought these flowers for my daughter's bedroom. they are really cute, but when i put them up, they seemed so boring. (i got these at kohl's, 50% off by the way) i thought, they would be much cuter with a pop of something in the middle. so, i went to my stash and found some button making kits that were left over from a project i did for MOPS a couple of years ago. perfect! i started with those and some fabric:

the buttons i had were fairly small, so i didn't need much fabric. sorry, i didn't take a picture of the button making kits, but you can buy them at almost any craft store. you basically cut a circle of fabric and attach the two pieces together. it's really easy and comes with all the tools you need.

after i assembled the buttons, i realized that i didn't need the shank on the back and that it would get in my way. this is easily remedied by removing the shank. excuse the fact that i'm in desperate need of a manicure. cuticles, anyone?

i had these little pliars and i just squeezed the shank together and it comes right out. they are sharp on the edges, so be careful not to leave them lying around for little toes and fingers!

they look like this after you remove the shank.

i then used my handy dandy hot glue gun and just attached the buttons to the middle of the flowers. sorry, i didn't take a photo of the flowers before i "buttoned" them. just imagine these without buttons and that is what they looked like. :)

i added a few around her mirror...

i put most of them in this frame that i found at the antique store for $7. it was originally gold, and not in a good way. i simply spray painted it hot pink. easy!

hung it up above her bed for now. i've got ideas for her headboard, but i need my daddy to come help me because he's good with the carpentry and i didn't get that gift. haha however, i still plan on putting this above her bed, so the location is still the same. :)

i just clustered them together, with no rhyme or reason.

i can think of lots of different things to put in the middle of these little flowers (buttons, smaller flowers, fabric, beads), you could even spray paint them if you didn't want them white. or just a few and leave some white. all kinds of stuff!

have a great day!

p.s. i got her bedding at target at the beginning of the year and the color on her walls is "cool pool" from valspar at lowe's.


  1. yay for my genius friend Julie!!! I love your ideas and plan on stealing them all when I move into my house :)

  2. so cute!! Love her room and the button tutorial!

  3. How cute is that. I love it. And I adore that mirror. Was that an antique store find like the frame or is that available for purchase somewhere. I heart it!