Monday, August 30, 2010

stitched art

my daughter drew the cutest little kitten face a few years ago and i've held on to it thinking i would frame it someday. yesterday, i was in the mood to make something and so i decided to trace her drawing and stitch her artwork.

i grabbed some vintage fabric that came from april's grandmother's house. i love the dots on this. it's hard to tell in the photo, but they are a blueish color, very pretty and girly. i traced the picture with an invisible ink pen onto the fabric an then stitched around the image with a small needle and embroidery floss. very easy! all i had to do next was frame it.

and then hang it, of course. :)

i haven't gotten to the hanging part yet.

don't hate.

Friday, August 27, 2010

in love with this new tool

i was at michael's a few weeks ago while we were in the process of moving. the craft section of basically any store is my "happy place" and i was needing the stress relief. i saw this new tool by martha stewart:

i have already thrown away the packaging, so i forget the official name of it, but it is basically a scoring board with templates to help you make envelopes and boxes. i thought it looked so cool and it was only $20 (not on sale), which i thought was a great price for such an awesome tool. i love making cards for my friends and i've wanted to start making matching envelopes too. tonight, i pulled it out.

i am in love.

i made this quick card for my nephew, who recently just lost his first tooth:

supplies: cardstock (national), patterned paper (my mind's eye), stickers (karen foster) and black pen (sharpie)

i have had an old coloring book that i bought at the antique store several months ago with the intention of making envelopes out of the pages for cute kid's cards to send in the mail. pair that with the new scoring board and i got this:

how cute! and seriously, this entire project took me about five minutes - the scoring board was so easy to use. i love the prescored lines. i even used it to score my card for easier folding. i can see that this is $20 well spent on my end and i will be using this scoring board for lots of projects!

tonight, i'm going to get in my jammies and scrapbook. i haven't done that in soooo long and i think it is the perfect night to do something relaxing that i enjoy. here's to hoping i haven't forgotten how! :)

i hope you guys have an awesome friday night!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tumblr tuesday

here are a few of my tumblr finds in the past few weeks. such cute stuff:

i would love to find an old typewriter that works. :) and an old rotary phone for my daughter's play room. so cute!

i've found quite a few cute vintage sewing patterns lately. i have so many ideas and so little time. sigh.