Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tumblr tuesday...on wednesday

this week is passing me by! i feel so busy lately, but i'm not complaining. i absolutely LOVE my life right now and all the things that are filling it up. :) i had such a great day today, morning coffee with my soul sister, a mini photo shoot and then an impromptu lunch with my sweet friends from my old town. it was so nice to see everyone and chat!

here's some inspiration for tumblr tuesday...a day late. :)

i can't begin to tell you HOW MUCH i LOVE this photo. i am in love with that floor tile. it has been my favorite pattern for a long time. i love how tiny they are. then, the color on the walls. gorgeous! plus, i love the treatment. it seems brushed on with a texture to it or something. using the leftover stickers to write on the back of the door? hello!! i love this and the good Lord above knows i have a million leftover stickers. i even love the yellow that is in the hallway outside of this bathroom. this photo just makes me happy. :)

how cute is this? recycled bread tags painted to look like monsters. wouldn't this be adorable to tie up some cellophane bags of candy to give away for halloween? time for me to start hoarding bread tags i guess. genius! of course, i'd have to have my sister in law paint them because she's got mad skills.

don't hate.

i get especially cranky when people hate on my loved ones. :)

this makes me think of my beautiful friend, michelle, who can create just about anything. she's so talented. those ruffled leggings are so adorable!

michelle, get to work on this! :)

i love this. sometimes life can throw us a curve ball, for sure. one thing i've learned in my 33 years is that there is ALWAYS something to be thankful about. i've had days where i've said, "i'm thankful that i have air to breathe. i'm thankful that there are birds chirping in the sky." it may feel like everything is falling apart, but there is always something good. i try to focus on the positive. sometimes it's hard. REALLY hard, but today (and every day) really is a GOOD day! given to us by our awesome Creator. that makes me smile. :)

yes, you are. :) enough said.


  1. Ok, that's 2 links to me in one day. Maybe I should update my blog, just in case someone decides to read it???? Ha!

  2. I love your tumblr pics! I need that bathroom door!