Thursday, September 23, 2010

tumblr thursday?

i have not been very good about posting my tumblr inspiration on tuesdays have i? haha! i guess it really doesn't really matter what day i post it, right? :) here are some fun, inspiring ideas i've found in the past week.

i love this thought!

these scissors make me happy, but i would want to use them all the time instead of having them in a frame. :)

i believe i'd wear a medium in this shirt. (cough, hint, cough)

i think these thank you notes are DARLING! it makes me want to make a bunch of them to send out to friends.

i love this so much, even though we don't really have legos at our house. however, we do have tons of polly pockets and tinker toys, so the concept could be applied. this also gives me two different ideas of using a crate like this for something else. i see a thrifting trip in my future soon...

of course, i love this because of the dogs, but i also love the sentiment. i want to send this out to all the beautiful people in my life. you know, sometimes you have a day when you just feel unbeautiful. this drawing makes me think that when we say things like this to ourself, this is the response that God gives us. i hope that i can take the time to hear Him say that to me when i'm having a day that i feel unbeautiful.

"you're the most beautiful creature i've ever met".

wow! how adored we are. :)

i adore anything elsie makes. her style is so cute and fun to me. i love this little leaf garland for fall, made out of felt and embroidery floss. how adorable!

i love this mini book class she's getting ready to teach. i keep thinking about all the random bits i have laying around and how fun it would be to make a bunch of little art journals like this to have on hand. a great project!

on my project list has been "make jb a teepee" for a long time. there are several tutorials for them. i think it will be the perfect finishing touch for her playroom. i just need to find the right fabric. :)


  1. julie - i have some coke crates dont buy any!
    love you libby

  2. where are you? anxiously waiting for a new post. Love you, girl!