Tuesday, July 13, 2010


a few months ago, i started seeing hearts everywhere. if i think of it, i'll try to snap a photo with my phone. it is funny, because every time i see one, it surprises me. i see them out of nowhere, they just catch me off guard. and every time i see one i am reminded of God's unfailing love for me. here they are in no particular order:

(piece of tissue paper on the bathroom floor at church)

(light in dressing room of maurice's. my daughter took this goofing off, and i found it on the phone later)

(after i opened a can of tomato paste)

(on the way in to a restaurant)

(piece of lint on the floor of the gym)

(found in the sidewalk while running one day)

(mischelle's back after a workout. only a true friend let's you take a picture of their sweat...and then share it on your blog...lol. she's so sweet, she even sweats love. ha!!)

(on concrete after tennis camp one day)

(put my hair up to curl it and it did this naturally. cracked me up)

(took this of some balloons beside the sun because i thought the photo would look cool. afterwards i noticed the heart shape of the balloons)

(walking in to my kitchen the other day, i noticed this and did a double take)

(found this on the sidewalk this morning while walking with my daughter)

i think it is pretty neat that i keep seeing them. especially because i'm not looking for them, they just keep coming up. my husband says i'm just a magnet for love. ha!


  1. Very cool! I agree with your husband!!

  2. hmmm, now that's just pretty cool!