Thursday, May 27, 2010

super soaker kid's craft

is it really almost june? wow!! time just keeps flying right by, doesn't it?

i have been a horrible blogger lately, but that's okay. :) today, i thought i'd share a cute, quick, on the cheap kid's craft. i made this a couple of years ago for that website i used to write craft articles for. (**sidenote: i'm pretty sure i'm not supposed to end a sentence with "for", but when have i ever been one to be rammatically correct on here?) i call this a "water bomb".

supplies needed:
rubber band or twist ties

basically, take a sponge and cut it into about four strips. take eight strips (two sponges) and rubber band them together in the middle. you could also use twist ties i think. then, soak them in water and let the kids have a blast throwing them at each other! of course, be mindful of giving someone a black eye. haha. they are still pretty light, but when soaked with water they do get heavier. my daughter had a blast making these and she plays with them all the time in the pool.


**p.s. courtney brought to my attention that not only am i not grammatically correct...i can't spell either. lol!!


  1. I am so making these! Thanks Julie!

  2. my favorite part of the whole that you said when have i ever been rammatically correct........without the g. You are such a "G" that you don't even need to add it to your words...its like the invisible letter....instead of the silent ones....and this just made you 10million more times beautiful in my eyes than you were yesterday...which is pretty AMN beautiful! I love you

  3. yes I agree with Mischelle...FUUN!