Thursday, April 29, 2010

retreat recap

the 5th - and final - memoryvilla retreat was SO much fun. yes, i did say final, but no worries. april is still planning on having retreats in the future, they just won't be "memoryvilla" retreats. however, they will still be in the same gorgeous location on petit jean mountain. she is planning on switching things up though, so it won't be the "same" retreat. i'm sure whatever she plans it will be A-MAZ-ING. we have already talked about dates for next year. :) i guess as long as i'm able to come, and she still wants me along for the ride, i'll still be there working and creating and helping as much as i can. :)

me and april.
i feel super duper short when i stand next to her. i usually feel super short anyway, but standing next to her, i add in the duper. :)

these were the table flags this year. i put different sayings on each one. these were so fun to make. when the cropper wanted something (drink, snack, etc.) they would raise their flag (yes, like that restaurant). and whichever MVP on duty would come by and get it for them. that way, they could still stay comfy and crop and didn't even have to get up! i told you...we like to SPOIL!

this was taken during a class on saturday. i believe it was april's junk album class, but i can't remember. if you look really closely, on the right, you'll see tom. the one and only. first male to ever come to one of our crops and he was a hoot! i think he ended up finished 70 pages over the weekend! SERIOUSLY! he was getting stuff done! his style was very unique and interesting. he is really talented. hope you come back, tom!

april doing what she does best...teaching!

this year, april had scheduled someone to come and give massages! it was fabulous! i didn't get a photo of her, but she was wonderful. ahhhh. i wish i could have gotten massaged longer. :) she brought her two daughters with her, a and a. they were sooo sweet and super helpful and they loved art! they sat by my table and made art the whole day. i wanted to bring them both home with me. aren't they cute? and miss stacy there. she's always adorable. i couldn't get over the resemblence of me and the youngest a. we even had the same glasses. i kept telling her that when i was her age, i even had that haircut! and i promised her i would show her a photo of me at her age, so here goes...

me, circa 1988.
seriously, don't hate. i was HOT!

a hot mess is more like it! look at those HUGE eyebrows. oh my gosh. i needed a waxing, for sure. thankfully, a has great eyebrows. unfortunately, i did not. lol. maybe it is the hair, i'm not sure, but i kept looking at her and even the little expressions she would make and it was like watching myself on video. except, she has beautiful brown eyes and was not as dorky as i was at her age. :)

me and stacy and april.
stacy with her faux hawk. that girl could seriously wear a paper bag and still be the cutest thing ever.

 i hate her.

okay not really.

okay...maybe just a little bit. ;) hee hee. just kidding.


april made those gorgeous aprons for all the workers. cute!!! she also made aprons for each cropper! i am not sure i got a photo of those though.

alright, stacy! i don't hate you! i love you. ;) i love you and your cute faux hawk.

it was stacy's birthday and so i painted her a canvas. it says "happiness looks like this" and i took it from lyrics from "lucky" by kat edmonson. super cute song.

i loved this beautiful piece that april made. it was in the inspiration gallery.

all of the MVPs (memory villa princesses...the croppers are the QUEENS!...and a king this year too. lol).

patty, cindy, tammy, april, rebecca, vickie, me and stacy.

**not pictured was teresa. she had to leave before we got this shot. i'm sad that i don't have a photo of her on my camera, but i'm sure the other girls got some. i know there is a shot with her in it somewhere. :)

and all of the lovely croppers! except tom and belinda. we had a hard time getting everyone together this year, but this is the bulk of everyone! beautiful ladies. i enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones!

april explaining a cool technique using paint at the make n take table. she'll probably kill me for posting this because she's talking in it, but i like to pester her so i'll put it on here. ;)

love ya, april!

one of april's classes, a perpetual calendar. one of the croppers added a tim holtz doo dad (not what it is really called) to the bottom to hang the little bag from. so cute, so i had to take a photo.

and those are stacy's hands. she even has adorable hands!

i hate her.

okay, not really. geez, take a joke will ya?

good golly, she's even adorable blowing on a weed.

i'm not sure we can remain friends, stacy. i'm just not sure.

seriously though, i hope you had an awesome birthday weekend and that all of the croppers had a great weekend as well. may all of your wishes and dreams come true over the next year!

see you guys in 2011!!!


  1. Wow girl - great photos - super super unflattering for me - however I will forgive you because I know you love me and that's all that matters! No one looks perfect right?? lol Oh my goodness you were right about looking alike when you were younger!

  2. wow, younger A and you DO look alike when you were her age. Umm, no more memoryvilla retreat? Do you mean no more store there or no more ANNUAL retreat?

  3. Sign me up for next year please. I reeeeaaaalllly enjoyed myself the past few years and it is something I wait for all the rest of the year. You take such lovely photos, even when you were young.

  4. yay, I am back on your blog!!!!! miss you!!
    okay, enough excitement.
    I have two comments

    1-Your awesome
    2-I loved your 80's purple eyeshadow.

    yes you were hot,and yes, you still are ;)