Thursday, March 11, 2010

sweet, sweet baby

i got to take this girl's five month photos today. this is the little girl that my friend had asked if i would take photos of every month because she does a collage on her wall. isn't she getting so big?

oh, i love taking photos of babies! they are so much fun. today i'm going to take my girl out and get some seven year old photos of her. it's been a long time since i've taken her out for a photo shoot. the weather is beautiful, so i hope the sun cooperates with what i'm wanting to do with her.

s, i hope you like these for this month!


  1. Love the lighting!!! Beautiful pictures!

  2. So adorable and I agree, the lighting is awesome!

  3. julie - these are just precious! she looks so sweet! love love
    le anne

  4. So sweet! Love those eyes and cheeks!