Tuesday, March 23, 2010

beautiful, beautiful

i had to take a small break from memoryvilla retreat projects today for just a moment. i have had this song in my head for days now and i wanted to incorporate it into my art journal. this is part of my fearfully and wonderfully made project, which i still want to talk about some more. i know some of you will remember me starting it way back when, before i did all this blog switching around.

the song is by francesca battistelli and it is called beautiful, beautiful. it is such a, well...beautiful song. i love all of the lyrics, but didn't want to put them all on my art page. so i just chose these:

and the entire page:

working on this was a little bit out of my comfort zone. i have had a desire to just play with different art products and see what happens. i am really happy with the way this turned out for my journal. it isn't what i had in my head, but as i started working i just went with the flow. it was really fun and i feel super creative now. meaning, i have tons of other ideas flowing out of my head. i guess some times it is good to get out of your comfort zone and just play.

of course, i can't post this without also posting the lyrics and the youtube of it. :)


beautiful, beautiful
don't know how it is You looked at me
and saw the person that i could be
awakening my heart
breaking through the dark
suddenly Your grace

like sunlight burning at midnight
making my life something so beautiful, beautiful
mercy reaching to save me
all that i need
you are so beautiful, beautiful

now there's a joy inside i can't contain
but even perfect days can end in rain
and though it's pouring down
i see You through the clouds
shining on my face


i have come undone
but i have just begun
changing by Your grace