Saturday, March 6, 2010

and she's seven

my sweetie's birthday was today and we had her party this afternoon. i can't believe she's seven! here are some of the decorations i put up in the house today:

some easy, quick pompom flowers from tissue paper. i used this tutorial. these were really fun! i want to make some to hang from the ceiling in my daughters room now. tissue paper is really inexpensive too. ;)

thank you gifts for the kids. little $1 coloring books from michaels that i wrapped in comic paper and tied with a ribbon. blue for boys and pink for girls of course!

and a little garland out of cupcake holders. i just strung them on a ribbon with a needle. very quick and easy. i got the idea from here. i also made another garland out of these to hang from the mantle.

and some crepe paper streamers from a light fixture with some more cupcake streamers. for this one, i just tied a knot in the ribbon on the bottom. easy!

and the birthday girl! happy birthday princess! i love you!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jenna!!!! Very cute stuff Jules!

  2. Happy Birthday JB!!!! Hope it was a great day!! Now stop growing! You're making us all feel old. ;)

    Love the decorations!! I saw those flowers on a blog a while back and thought about doing some for the babies room. If it's a girl of course. :)

  3. awww she's so cute!
    happy birthday to HER!
    and great decorations!